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Novaptus Systems, Incorporated and The Hague Center for Cosmetic Surgery initiated a pilot program in late 2002 to introduce White Light Scanning Technology to the aesthetic surgery practice. The White Light Scanner is in current use in the soft goods industry for high-end tailored clothing measurements.

The advantages of this technology lie in its simplicity and accuracy.

White light scanning is quick, safe and unobtrusive.

The entire acquisition and imaging process takes less than 90 seconds. There are no lasers nor is there any radiation exposure.

White light scanning is inexpensive and easy to use.

The scanning technology costs far less than other types of imaging systems. Moreover, non-specialized personnel can be quickly trained to take an accurate scan. Scans can be securely retrieved, analyzed and processed remotely.

White light scanning is accurate.

The scanner produces a highly accurate 3D surface image of the patient, with a margin of error of less than 1mm. Critical, novel and unique measurements, based on Novaptus' programmable measurement extraction profiles, can be automatically, objectively and repetitively extracted from the surface image. These measurements, including volume and surface area, form the basis for the patient's 3D Digital Archive.

The uses of White Light Scanning to the health, wellness and medical industries are virtually limitless.

Novaptus Systems will shortly be introducing methods of using the white light scanner images to perform algorithmic-based virtual surgery. By translating the scanned image into virtual reality, Novaptus has developed a set of tools that allows the surgeon to manipulate the virtual image along the lines of the desired aesthetic procedure. The resultant "forecasted" model is translated back into a form that the scanner software can interpret, and a highly accurate model is then created as if the patient already had the procedure performed and was physically standing in the scanner's scan chamber. Please return to this site for further information posted shortly.

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