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The child that appears on these scans is a healthy, growing 10 year old girl.

She is 4 feet, 5 inches in height and weighs 75 pounds.

She was scanned in her underwear. Two scans were taken, and the best of the two were chosen for viewing and analysis. The parents were present during the scan process. The entire scan process took around five minutes.

Scan-wear undergarments can be provided. These garments closely fit a male or female child. The female child can elect to wear two garments. One for her bottom half, similar to shorts, the other for her bust, similar to a sports bra. Male children would either be scanned in their underwear, or wear the scan-wear shorts.

Privacy is ensured by Novaptus Systems, Incorporated. Computer files are compartmented and labeled with a number system, names are not immediately associated with the scan image.

If the scanner is located at a regional center, trained Novaptus Systems personnel work with the pediatrician and schedule the child's scan. The scan is processed and made available for the pediatrician to review, typically on a CD that can be accessed using common browser technology.

If the scanner is located at the pediatrician's office, the scan is taken by trained personnel. Scans are remotely retrieved over a private , encrypted connection and processed by Novaptus Systems computer complex. Results are returned to the physician within days.

If the scanner is located on a mobile platform, such as one that would be used to scan students at a school, the scans are taken by Novaptus Systems trained personnel and processed using Novaptus Systems computer complex. Results are returned to the school nurse, officials or parents as directed by the school administration.

Repetitive, periodic scans of the child for a time series of the child's physical development. Variations to normal growth patterns can be detected.

All results are appended and archived for retrieval at a later time.

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