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Novaptus Systems, Incorporated provides valuable services to the medical, health and wellness industries. For further information on any of the services described below, select the "Contact Us" hyperlink in the menu above.

Medical Services:

The success of placing our first white light scanner in an aesthetic surgery practice, and development of the tools that make up the Novaptus Systems' Scanning Suite provided the platform to apply the Scanning Suite to other lateral medical practices.

Novaptus Systems is beginning to introduce regional scan centers that are centrally located within major urban areas. Practices become clients of Novaptus Systems. Novaptus Systems personnel coordinate patient scans with our client base. Scans are taken by trained Novaptus Systems operators.

Scanned images are processed by Novaptus Systems' computer processing center and are securely compartmentalized. Results are returned to the client practice.

Services include creating Digital Archives, creating and maintaining a client practice's Patient Maintenance Program as well as close consultations with each practice to customize measurement profiles that meet the needs of the particular practice's medical discipline.

The Novaptus Systems' Scanning Suite is applicable to a number of medical disciplines. Please review our medical applications within this web site. Additional applications will be demonstrated and posted shortly, including obstretics and executive health.

Health and Wellness Services:

The Novaptus Systems Scanning Suite is being utilized by progressive fitness centers in such applications as weightlifting/bodybuilding, general fitness monitoring and weight loss. The BodyScanAdvantage system, a commercial, non-medical product is an excellent tool to monitor and document progress of an individual. Periodic scans, generally on a three month basis forms the foundation of an individual's Fitness File.  Personal trainers can use this tool to monitor the progress of each club member, measuring progress and changing diet and exercise routines to achieve optimal results.

The BodyScanAdvantage can also be used by diet centers to develop a 3D progress report of each diet center client.

Each client receives a personalized CD, updated periodically after each scan. The information on the CD contains measurements of interest, body metric tools and comparisons between periodic scans. Simple presentations clearly show the progress of the individual.

Educational Services:

Novaptus Systems is also developing mobile scan platforms. These platforms are intended to be used in the elementary and middle school systems to periodically scan children as they develop. Using the Scanner Suite tools, a 3D growth chart of each student can be developed. Parents and school health officials can be able to detect the potential onset of child obesity, or other potential physical maladies. Individual school, school districts, state wide and national statistics can then be developed. These statistics can compare localized student population measurements with a larger population. This can help indicate which school districts have growth (weight) aberrations.

The Scanner Suite can also be used to monitor the training routine of athletic teams. Teams that are starting pre-season practices, or individual athletes that desire to train to a certain level can use the Scanner Suite to monitor the training process and to create a 3D archive, documenting the progress.