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Novaptus Systems produces products and services for the medical, health and wellness industries. Our customers include client practices and individual patients within the client practices. In addition to the medical industry, Novaptus Systems provides valuable products and services to health, fitness and wellness centers. For more information on the services Novaptus Systems provide, please select the "Services" hyperlink above.

Medical products:

The Novaptus Systems Scanner Suite:

This is a complete system consisting of a white light scanner, Novaptus Systems tools, the Patient Maintenance Program and Digital Archiving. This high-end product is for a medical practice that desires to have a scanner on-site, rather than utilizing the services of a Novaptus Systems regional scanning center. Components also include a private network connection and associated computer equipment. Novaptus Systems personnel will install the scanner and train the desired personnel to take efficient scanned images. Novaptus Systems will then retrieve and process the scans remotely, returning the information in the form of digital media that can be accessed via a web-based browser, as well as posting the information to a secure, password protected web site.

If your practice does not have the means nor space for the Scanner Suite, you can take advantage of Novaptus Systems' products by becoming a client and utilizing Novaptus Systems' regional scanner sites (see Services).

Patient Maintenance Program:

The Patient Maintenance Program takes advantage of the information produced by The Novaptus Systems Scanner Suite. Instead of focusing on the pending medical procedure, the Patient Maintenance Program offers pertinent information about the patient's body, with measurements and tools that are of interest to the patient. The patient can view this information in the privacy of their own home. We have found that this is a valuable tool for the client practice's patient retention and word-of-mouth advertising. The Patient Maintenance Program is free of charge to the client practice. Patients that enroll in the client practice's Patient Maintenance Program pay fees for periodic scan updates and their updated information. Over time, the patient receives valuable information about how their body is progressing or ageing.

Digital Archiving:

The Novaptus Systems Digital Archive is a unique and valuable tool for the modern medical practice. It contains operational procedure reports, pre-op scans, post-op scans, periodic post-op scans, all associated measurement, volume and surface area parameters and comparative changes, 2D photo gallery, virtual reality representations and procedural analysis. It can be accessed via common browser technology, and appended as periodic post-op scans are performed. A digital archive record can be stored off-site, ensuring safety and recoverability. This is a great product that the surgeon can use for reference, consultation or teaching purposes.

Virtual Surgery Suite:

Perhaps the most exciting product that Novaptus Systems will shortly offer is The Virtual Surgery Suite. This is a set of interactive tools that will allow the surgeon to produce a forecasted model of a potential body contouring procedure. This forecasted model is then run through the Scanner Suite software to produce a fully measurable model that represents the outcome of the potential surgery. Post-operative scans can then be compared to the forecasted model. Results are archived, validated and documented in the patient's digital archive. Differences are iterated in the knowledge-based expert system. Surgeons can retrieve past cases as a guide for upcoming cases. Look for upcoming announcements to learn more about this exciting product.