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The Novaptus Systems Scanner Suite can play a significant role in monitoring the physical development of children. Today, static 2D measurements are generally recorded as the child visits the physician. These static measurements generally include height and weight. The records are usually devoid of any anthropometric measurements, or any 3D information..

There is a growing societal concern regarding the increase of child obesity. Child obesity can be linked to other diseases, such as Type II diabetes. Child obesity can have a debilitating effect on the child's self image, which could lead to permanent low self-esteem and a self-defeating attitude as the child develops into an adult.

Novaptus Systems, Incorporated believes that every child should be scanned, on a periodic basis. Measurements can be taken on each child's scan. Each subsequent scan can be compared and analyzed. A customized 3D growth chart can be produced.

Each parent should be able to review the scans of their child, along with their child's measurement comparisons. Indications of child obesity can be caught at an early stage, allowing the family and physician to address the nascent condition.

In addition to pediatric specific applications, a child scan program should be undertaken by the educational system. National statistics can then be developed. These statistics can be used to create a series of normalized child growth patterns. Ultimately, the national statistics can be incorporated and used as a guide to the physician's pediatric care practice.

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