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Novaptus Systems, Incorporated introduced the white light scanner to an aesthetic surgery practice in November, 2002. 

The initial focus was to aid surgeons in evaluating potential patients for body contouring procedures. 

Patients are scanned pre-operatively. Procedure specific measurement templates, designed by Novaptus Systems, Incorporated automatically extract pertinent measurements that give the surgeon unique insight into the patient's body contours.

The surgeon uses the pre-op measurement information in the planning of the surgical procedure.

Patients are then scanned post-operatively, often on a repetitive basis. Measurements are extracted using the same procedure specific measurement extraction template that was used for the pre-op scan.

Measurement, volume and surface area calculations are produced that compare the patient's pre-op body habitus with the post-op body habitus.

Results are analyzed, validated and placed into a 3D digital archive. The archive can be retrieved using common computer technology.

Periodic scan analysis clearly show the effects of settling and swelling over time.


Aesthetic Surgery Applications


Bariatric Applications


Chiropractic/Physical Therapy Application


Pediatric Application