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Chep Propecia & Side effect

Propecia may cause side effects. In clinical studies, side effects from Propecia were uncommon and did not affect most men.

A very small number of men experienced certain sexual side effects, such as less desire for sex, difficulty in achieving an erection, and a decrease in the amount of semen.

Each of these side effects occurred in less than 2% of men. These side effects were reversible and went away in men who stopped taking Propecia.

Propecia results

When you will see results

Day 1: Propecia begins working to lower levels of DHT.

At 3 Months: You may first begin to notice a slowing of hair loss.

At 6 Months: You may actually begin to see an increase in the amount of hair as you continue to use Propecia daily.

At 24 Months: In clinical trials in men aged 18 to 41 with mild to moderate hair loss at the top of the head, 83% of men maintained their hair (based on hair count) vs 28% taking a placebo a pill with no medication. Further, an expert panel rated 66% of men as having regrowth, vs only 7% of men taking a placebo. An assessment by the doctors in the study rated 80% of men as improved, vs 47% of men taking a placebo.

Consistent daily use is absolutely essential for success. If you stop treatment, any hair you have gained will generally be lost within 12 months.

Propecia Information

Finasteride is the first FDA-approved pill to treat hair loss in men. dht inhibitor is an effective baldness treatment which can stimulate hair growth. how does Propecia work? learn about the dht blocker Propecia finasteride.

Hair loss in men. The most common form of balding is male pattern hair loss, representing close to 95% of all hair loss cases. Mild to moderate male pattern hair loss affects about half of men by age 50. This type of hair loss results in receding hairline and/or balding at the crown. It is due to heredity, from either the mother's or father's side of the family, and is dependent on hormones.

DHT and hair loss. DHT is one of many male hormones in the body. DHT is developmentally important early in a man's life; however, it appears to be a cause of hair loss as men get older. DHT shrinks the hair follicle until it no longer produces visible hair.

Doctors believe that excess DHT is an apparent cause of hair loss.

The causes of hair loss are not well defined; however, researchers have found that men with male pattern hair loss have increased levels of DHT in the balding area of their scalps. Human hair normally follows a cycle of growth, falling out, and new growth. But increased levels of DHT are believed to contribute to the shortening of the growth phase, and a shortening of the time it takes for the hair to fall out. This results in thinning of the hair on the scalp.

Propecia blocks the formation of DHT. Science has found a way to affect DHT with a prescription taken once a day in tablet form: Propecia. Finasteride (the active ingredient in Propecia) blocks the formation of DHT and, in this way, appears to interrupt a key factor in the development of inherited male pattern hair loss in men. Propecia has been proven to effectively lower DHT in the scalp.

Propecia Shows Hair Regrowth with Few facet Effects

New knowledge from 3 studies given here nowadays at the distinguished World Congress of medical specialty show that Propecia (finasteride one mg), Merck & Co. Inc.'s investigational oral treatment for men with male pattern hair loss, prevented more hair loss in treated men and accumulated hair growth in each frontal and vertex areas of the scalp in several men.

These new results broaden data concerning the potential role for Propecia in men with mild-to-moderate male pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia). knowledge from 2 phase III clinical trial clinical trials of one,553 men with predominant dilution within the vertex (top of the head), given earlier this year at the yankee Academy of medical specialty, incontestable important improvement in hair in men taking Propecia compared to those receiving a placebo.

In those studies, eighty six p.c of men maintained or showed a rise within the quantity of their hair supported hair counts throughout the course of the studies, compared with forty two p.c of men receiving placebo.

The application for Propecia is below review by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Upon clearance, Propecia would be the primary oral treatment taken once-a-day for the interference of more hair loss and for regrowth within the commonest sites of hair dilution in men. Upon selling, it'll be indicated to be used in men solely.

In the initial presentation of the phase III clinical trial frontal hair loss study results, knowledge show Propecia considerably accumulated frontal scalp hair counts from baseline for patients taking Propecia compared to those taking placebo. Cosmetic improvement was assessed by patients, investigators ANd an knowledgeable panel of dermatologists United Nations agency viewed patient images.

Results of this 12-month study of 326 men aged twenty to forty one with mild-to-moderate frontal hair dilution show:

In the patient assessment, fifty three p.c of men with frontal hair loss reported that treatment with Propecia junction rectifier to AN improvement within the look of their hair, versus thirty p.c of men taking placebo. important enhancements were seen in men as early as Month three and were usually maintained or improved throughout the annual study.

Clinical investigators rated fifty two p.c of patients treated with Propecia as showing accumulated hair growth versus thirty one p.c of men treated with placebo.

An knowledgeable panel of dermatologists evaluating patient images rated thirty seven p.c of patients treated with Propecia as having accumulated hair growth. By comparison, solely seven p.c of patients on placebo were reported to point out improvement.

Using another activity technique during this trial, investigators reported a major improvement for men treated with Propecia compared to those taking placebo within the hair density and pattern in 3 sections of the scalp -- frontal, mid-area and vertex.

In this multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, hair counts were measured in a very representative one cm2 space of dilution hair within the frontal scalp.

"The frontal study is exclusive as a result of hair loss studies in men generally judge hair growth at the vertex," aforesaid Keith George Simon Kaufman, M.D., senior director, clinical analysis, Merck analysis Laboratories, Rahway, NJ. "Frontal dilution is usually seen in men and it's what they'll initial notice once they look within the mirror."

The frontal study results given nowadays ar the third element of the clinical test|phase III|clinical trial|clinical test} clinical trial program for Propecia, that has concerned a complete of one,879 men within the u. s. and worldwide.

Results of the studies with Propecia in preventing more hair loss additionally were represented. A comprehensive analysis of the 2 phase III clinical trial trials on vertex hair loss confirmed that Propecia prevented more hair loss in treated men. Hair loss within the placebo cluster was confirmed in every study demonstrating the progressive explanation of the hair loss method.

Based on hair counts within the 2 12-month studies of men with vertex hair loss, solely fourteen p.c of men within the cluster taking Propecia lost hair, supported any decrease in hair count from baseline, whereas fifty eight p.c of men within the placebo cluster continuing to lose hair. within the patient form, sixty eight p.c of men taking Propecia reported that their hair loss had slowed compared to forty five p.c of these taking placebo. At Month 3, figures from the patient form were fifty four and forty four p.c severally.

In the frontal study, men treated with Propecia additionally reported that their hair loss was swiftness by Month three with sixty five p.c citing it by Month twelve. when a year, solely forty five p.c of men treated with placebo reported any decrease in their hair loss.

Scientists believe that male pattern hair loss is genetically connected and triggered by the presence of dihydrotestosterone or DHT. "The ability to extend hair growth and stop more hair loss, by specifically lowering DHT with finasteride one mg, provides a possible new oral therapeutic choice with a wonderful risk-benefit magnitude relation for the treatment of men with male pattern hair loss," Dr. George Simon Kaufman aforesaid.

The tolerability of Propecia was strengthened by the new knowledge. The drug was fine tolerated, with most patients coverage no important facet effects. within the phase III clinical trial studies of one,879 men, the general safety profile for Propecia and placebo was similar.

Side effects were rare and occurred in a very tiny range of men. the sole ones occurring in additional than simple fraction of patients were cut physical attraction (1.8 p.c of patients treated with Propecia versus one.3 p.c on placebo) and disfunction (1.3 p.c Propecia versus zero.7 p.c placebo). cut volume of ejaculate was reported by zero.8 p.c of men treated with Propecia versus zero.4 p.c of these taking placebo.

"For the overwhelming majority of men -- ninety six p.c -- United Nations agency took finasteride, go in age in our studies from eighteen to forty one, these facet effects weren't reported ," Dr. George Simon Kaufman noted. "These facet effects were reversible in men United Nations agency interrupted medical aid and even resolved in several of those patients United Nations agency most popular to continue treatment."

Propecia is to be used by men solely. ladies United Nations agency ar or is also pregnant should not use Propecia, since it's going to cause a particular defect in a very male craniate (hypospadias).

Propecia works by treating AN underlying reason behind male pattern hair loss by inhibiting the assembly of DHT, that is believed to be a significant reason behind hair loss. The accelerator kind II 5-alpha-reductase is concerned within the production of DHT. Propecia inhibits the action of kind II 5-alpha-reductase, thereby decreasing DHT concentrations in treated men by or so sixty p.c.

"This approach represents a very important advance in our understanding of the science of hair loss," Dr. George Simon Kaufman commented. "Male pattern hair loss is characterised by progressive shrinking of hair follicles and finasteride inhibits a key issue to blame for this shrinking. This ends up in a reversal of the method of scalp hair loss in several men."

Merck submitted new drug applications starting in December 1996 for clearance to promote Propecia worldwide. "If cleared for selling, we tend to believe Propecia are going to be a very important product because the initial oral medication for the treatment of men with male pattern hair loss," Dr. George Simon Kaufman else.

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