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The white light scanner is an excellent tool for documenting the physical shape and contouring of the bariatric patient. The scanner provides an objective 3D view. This 3D view can be rotated, panned or zoomed based on the desired view of the patient image.

Circumferential, straight line and contoured measurements are extracted by the scanner software. In addition to extracted measurements, volumetric changes can be calculated, using a unique "Body Glove" developed by Novaptus Systems, Incorporated.

Periodic post-operative scans, every 3 months, provide a 3D progress report. Post-operative scans can be compared with the baseline pre-operative scan. By using the same measurement file for automatically extracting measurements on the periodic post-operative scans, a time  series of patient measurements can be made. This can provide useful information regarding the rate of patient weight loss as well as the surgical recovery rate of the particular patient.

The results are then digitally archived. You may use these archived results for additional analysis, pre-operative consultations, or as a teaching tool to allow others to understand your work.


Male Bariatric Candidate/Analysis

Female Bariatric Candidates