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The Hague Center for Cosmetic Surgery Launches Innovative Patient Maintenance Program

Norfolk, Virginia 

Friday, February 20, 2004


Gail DeNobrega, The Hague Center for Cosmetic Surgery (757) 274-4000

David Stefan, Novaptus Systems, Incorporated (252) 475-0239

The Hague Center for Cosmetic Surgery ( announced the launch of an innovative Patient Maintenance Program. The Patient Maintenance Program supplies The Hague Center patients with unique information about their body and body contours. 

Each patient is scanned pre-operatively in a white light scanner provided by Novaptus Systems, Inc.

The patient then receives a CD that contains their 3D rotating image, along with measurements of general interest to the patient. The patient can highlight particular measurements, or view themselves from various angles.

In addition to 3D body image views and measurement selection capability, the CD includes interactive  "body metric" tools that allow the patient to calculate items such as body fat content, body mass index and body surface area. The CD is browser based. The patient simply places the CD into their Windows-based PC CD tray, and the CD runs automatically. The information can be viewed in the privacy of their own home.

"By providing our patients with their pre-operative body image and interactive measurement tools", says Dr. David Gilbert of The Hague Center for Cosmetic Surgery, "we feel that the patients have a better overall understanding of their current pre-operative body contours and the pending contouring procedure. Periodic post-operative scans, appended to the patient's pre-operative scan information will produce an individualized 3D progress report. Patients will then clearly see their post-operative result, and can compare their pre-operative, post-operative and post-operative periodic scan images and measurements to objectively view their recovery progress".

The program takes advantage of Novaptus Systems' Scanner Suite, a package consisting of a white light scanner and a set of comprehensive analysis tools designed for medical applications.

Novaptus Systems, Incorporated produces medical, health and wellness technology systems. For further information about Novaptus Systems, Incorporated and the products and services the company provides, please go to, or e-mail