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What is it?

The  Patient Maintenance Program (PMP) is designed to allow you to compare your pre-op and post-op body contour changes. The PMP combines select information about your surgical procedure, along with information retrieved from the pre-op and post-op scans that you have taken.

Proper Maintenance Requires Perpetual, Periodic Scans!

The PMP is your key to a better understanding of your body. To take the most advantage of this program, periodic scans need to be taken. The new scans will be incorporated into your CD. You can compare your progress with previous scans and consult your physician about exploring new contouring procedures or your health manager or dietician if you are contemplating changes to your diet or exercise routine.

What does it contain?

3D Images and Animation

The PMP CD contains 3D image information from your scans, along with automatically extracted body measurements. It also contains animation files that let you observe your body in 3D rotations.

The PMP allows you to view specific measurements that have been extracted by the scanner. You can compare your body contour changes between your scans. Tables summarize measurement changes between scans. Views of your scanned image are available with or without extracted measurement lines.

Virtual Reality Representations

The PMP also gives you the ability to view your body in virtual reality! Included in this package are representations of your body in Virtual Reality or VRML. The CD includes a VRML client that "plugs" into your browser. This allows you to rotate, turn, roll and walk your VRML images. There is also a VRML image that combines your pre-op and post-op images into a single, rotatable view.

Pre-op and Post-op Photographs

The PMP contains your pre-op and post-op photographs, too. This allows you to quickly compare your pre-op body and your body after your procedure has been performed.

Body Metric Tools

The PMP includes important tools that you can use to understand your body. These tools include the ability to calculate your Body Mass Index, Body Fat Content, Ideal Weight, Body Surface Area, Daily Caloric Requirements and your Daily Nutritional Needs.

Tailored Measurements!

As a bonus, the PMP contains valuable information for your clothing measurements! If you are male, special measurements have been taken for you for your tailored clothing needs. If you are female, bust measurements along with waist and inseam measurements have been taken to allow you to comfortably fit into brassieres, blouses, pants, skirts and dresses.

What does it cost?

The program is only available to qualified patients. The price of the initial CD is $50.00. Quarterly scans and CD updates are also $50.00.

How do I sign-up?

Contact your Hague Center Patient Advisor to enroll.

Will the information be available on-line on a secure, password protected basis?

Yes, eventually. You will simply log into the secure website and use the password given to you.

Is my information private and secure?

Yes, absolutely. Strict measures are employed to safeguard your information.