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Congratulations! You are part of a high tech wave that is sweeping through the aesthetic surgery industry. The information contained on this CD is unique to you and contains valuable information about your body. 

You recently took part in the White Light Scanner Study. This study aims to introduce new technology to aid the surgeon in evaluating your pre-operative body image, in the surgery process and the post-operative recovery process.

The White Light Scanner Study also provides you, the patient, with information about your pre-operative body image.

The information includes snapshots of scanned images and your overall body measurements. This initial information in provided free of charge in hopes that you will find it valuable and would like to enroll in the Hague Center's Patient Maintenance Program.

It also includes interesting body metric calculations that you can apply to monitor key health measurements.

If you have had post-operative scans, and you sign up for the Patient Maintenance Program, you will receive a CD that compares your pre-op images with your post-op images. This CD also contains measurement comparisons, your images in Virtual Reality and pre-op/post-op photo comparisons, along with measurement print-outs that can be used for your clothing measurements.

The Patient Maintenance Program's goal is to have you scanned on a quarterly basis. The information provided by the quarterly scan will be added to your CD. You can then compare your physical appearance scientifically over time, with all the information at your fingertips!

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