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Novaptus Systems, Incorporated along with The Hague Center for Cosmetic Surgery have launched a unique product aimed at increasing patient retention as well as word of mouth advertising.

The white light scanner helps provide the patient with an overall understanding of their current body shape.

Patients are given the initial CD free of charge. The CD contains 3D images of their pre-op scan. The measurements extracted are common measurements that people generally want to know. Measurements such as inseams, outseams, waist, hips, and bust. The extracted measurements do not center around their forthcoming surgical procedure.

In addition to general body measurements, the Introductory CD also contains general body metric tools that help calculate body fat content, ideal weight, and various other ratios of interest. These tools are interactive, some require measurements taken by the scanner.

The CD also contains a page on enrolling in the Patient Maintenance Program, which is a fee based service.

The full Patient Maintenance Program requires repetitive post-op scans, generally on a quarterly basis.

The CD is then updated with much more content than the initial introductory CD. The updated CD has post-op scans, post-op measurements, measurement comparisons, pre-op and post-op photo comparisons and your image translated into virtual reality.

For more information on The Hague Center's Patient Maintenance Program, and how it may be applied to your particular practice, please contact Dr. David Gilbert, of The Hague Center at 757-274-4000.


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Patient Maintenance Introductory CD