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One powerful result of using The Novaptus Systems Scanner Suite is the ability to create a 3D digital data archive of a patient's procedure and progress.

Offices today are crammed with inefficient paper archives. These paper archives are often in disarray and are essentially just a folder of notes regarding the patient and the particular procedure the patient undertook.

There may have been some pictures taken, but there is really no way of retrieving 3D information of the patient prior to, and after the surgical procedure has been performed. Moreover, these files are not portable and often not even copied and held in a safe place.

For the first time, a 3D digital archive of a patient has been created.

This digital archive allows retrieval of an immense mountain of data related to the patient and his or her procedure.

This archive can be accessed through common browser technology.

There are many uses for the digital archive. These range from patient progress, consultations, surgical validations and even  malpractice defense.

An important use of the digital archive is for teaching purposes. Your work can be preserved and utilized to help other surgeons or students understand better how to do a particular procedure.


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