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Novaptus Systems, Incorporated was founded on the belief that the aesthetic surgical practice lacked digital tools to evaluate a body contouring process. Surgeons today use crude measurements to evaluate the patient for a proposed aesthetic procedure, to evaluate the surgical progress intro-operatively and to evaluate the post-operative result. There are no 3D pre-operative evaluation tools. There are no 3D volumetric control indicators during the procedure, and there is a no capability to accurately "predict" the result of a pending aesthetic procedure. Today's typical patient evaluations and aesthetic procedures are empirically driven by 2D analog measurements. Documentation, validation and archiving of the procedure's results consist of operative notes, pathological reports and 2D photographs. There is also a lack of "common language" between the patient and the surgeon.

Novaptus Systems, Incorporated installed the first white light scanner in an aesthetic surgery practice in late 2002. The goal was to address these immediate issues and to develop a suite of innovative 3-dimensional tools that would be applied to the aesthetic surgery practice. Such tools have now been created and include unique measurement templates, measurement, volume and surface area analysis and 3D digital archives, examples of which are shown elsewhere on this site.

The success of the system introduced to the aesthetic surgery practice is being applied to other, lateral medical disciplines. Applications include bariatric (obesity), pediatric, geriatric, obstetrics, physical therapy and practices concerned with spinal alignment and posture.

Novaptus Systems also provides a set of valuable tools that allows the aesthetic surgeon to perform 3D virtual surgery. These tools can be used to produce a "forecasted" model that can be measured and analyzed and used as the model for the pending aesthetic procedure. Post-operative results are compared, analyzed, validated and documented against the forecasted model. The information is then iterated, forming the foundation of a knowledge-based expert system that can be used to help active surgeons and medical students to achieve a better understanding of a typical procedure.

Novaptus Systems is developing regional scan centers, centrally located for various client practices. Practices can use these facilities to schedule patient scans. Scan results are processed by Novaptus Systems personnel, securely compartmented and distributed to the respective client practice. Subsequent patient scans are processed and appended to the patient's digital archive.

Novaptus Systems is also developing mobile scanning platforms. These platforms can be deployed to scan children and adolescents at their schools. Periodic scans of developing children can help undercover early signs of child obesity or other physical maladies. The information can be given to parents, school nurses or administrators for corrective action.