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The information presented in this section are a series of scans that show the unique measurement capabilities provided by the white light scanner and Novaptus Systems measurement extraction tools.

The scanner produces an objective 3D image. It offers several presentation views of the patient's scan. The views shown hereto have been generally either a gray-scale image, which is similar to a black and white movie, or a surfaced view, which presents the patient's scanned image in reverse silhouette, similar to a marble statue.

The gray-scale and surfaced views hide measurements that are taken through the body.

Another presentation view is the point cloud image. This is a composite view that is transparent. Key measurements that outline a particular body contour or straight line measurement can be displayed using this type of image presentation.

An important tool is the ability to remove the image of the scan while having the measurement lines remain.

Novaptus Systems has created measurement profiles that are applicable to professions concerned with spinal alignment, maintenance and posture.

Click here for spinal measurement template demonstration

Surfaced view (above) can hide key measurements

Point cloud presentation show measurements that are made through the body