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Novaptus Systems, Incorporated, founded in September, 2002, develops Medical, Health and Wellness Systems using white light scanning technology.

Novaptus Systems installed its first white light scanner at an aesthetic surgery practice, The Hague Center for Cosmetic Surgery, in Norfolk, Virginia in November, 2002.

The initial focus was to aid surgeons in evaluating potential patients for body contouring procedures. For the first time the surgeon, utilizing 3D images, is able to use the patient's pre-operative scan and associated tools for insight into the proposed procedure. The patient is then scanned post-operatively, often on a repetitive basis. The post-operative scans are then compared to the pre-operative scans. Measurement comparisons are automatically extracted and produced, and the results analyzed, validated and archived.

To date, 100+ patients have undergone 450 scans. We have found that, in addition to aesthetic surgery, the scanner has use in other medical applications. We have also found that when patients are given their pre-operative scan image, in the form of a web browser-based CD, they have a new interest in their body image and wish to return for periodic post-operative scans, increasing patient retention.


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The power of the scanner is the wealth of information it can provide. Novaptus Systems has produced a suite of analysis tools, known as the Novaptus Systems Scanner Suite that process this information into a 3D digital archive. Health professionals can access this information using common computer technology. Periodic scans of the patient, along with applying Novaptus Systems' analysis tools form a 3D time series of the patient's progress or condition.

White light scanning technology is quick and unobtrusive. There are no lasers or radiation involved. The scanner is simple to use and requires minimal training to capture a scanned image..

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The suite of tools that Novaptus Systems has developed offers the surgeon or physician unique insight into the patient's physical contours which were previously unavailable. These tools offer in-depth, comparative analysis of the patient's measurements, volume and surface area.

Novaptus Systems mission is to create an improved surgical environment that encompasses body imaging, predictive tools, guidance, recommendations and knowledge-based expert systems that lead to a new paradigm of patient safety, satisfaction and wellness.